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Valencia Regional Government Youth Orchestra


The Valencia Regional Government Youth Orchestra, which was created by the 1998 Valencian Music Law, represents a continuation of an initiative that began with the creation of Joven Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana in 1991. The Orchestra’s main objective lies in providing training for Valencian musicians younger than 26 years old through seminars and annual workshops led by distinguished professors and composers. The initiative was extended in 2001 with the creation of the post of resident composer, a position that currently holds Francisco Coll and previously was occupied by Cesar Cano (2001-2002), Ricardo Climent (2003-2004), Andrés Valero-Castells (2005-2006), Miguel Gálvez-Taroncher (2007-2008) and Voro García (2009-2010). In addition to Manuel Galduf, who holds the posts of conductor and director of educational instruction, the orchestra also boasts two assistant directors, Beatriz Fernández Aucejo and Pablo Rus Brosseta, who hold the status of graduate student interns.

Joven Orquestra de la Generalitat Valenciana has held seminars in Altea, Segorbe, Burriana, Sant Vicent del Raspeig, Requena, Cullera, Valencia and Castellón and has worked with such maestros as Félix Ayo, Mihai Dancila, José Luis García Asensio, Alfonso Ghedin, Agustín Leon Ara, Joan Enric Lluna, Franco Petracchi, Vicens Prats, Mstislav Rostropóvich , Carlos A. Crespo, Ángel Fretteas well as with the chamber groups Spanish Brass Luur Metalls, Quinteto Cuesta and Amores among others. In 2002, the orchestra participated in the world premiere of Vladimir Vasiliev’s version of Serguei Prokofiev’s ballet Romeo and Juliet, conducted by the maestro Mstislav Rostropovich at Valencia’s Teatre Principal. The orchestra has created as well the works written for her by Cano, Climent,  Valero-Castells and Gálvez Taroncher. In 2003 gave concerts with Rostropóvich in Santiago de Compostela, Valencia, Castellón and Alicante and in 2005 with Vadim Repin and Otto Sauter in 2006. Joven Orchestra has twice performed at Madrid’s Teatre Monumental, with both concerts being broadcast by RTVE (Spanish National Television and Radio). The orchestra’s repertoire is distinguished by a strong focus on 20th century music.




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