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Las Ensaladas (Praga 1581)

GÓMEZ MUNTANÉ, María del Carmen (1949-)


Las ensaladas (Praga, 1581) : plus a supplement with related works / estudy and edition by Maricarmen Gómez Muntané. -- Valencia : Institut Valencià de la Música, 2008. -- 3 v. ; 21 cm

D.L. V.1076-2008. -- ISBN 978-84-482-4890-1



The project consists of an edition and critical study, with modern transcription of the work contained in the paper entitled Las Ensaladas, plus a supplement with related works. It has commissioned Muntaner Maricarmen Gómez, a professor of musicology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which takes several years studying this and related repertoire. The publication will be of great significance both in and to spread a musical heritage, to make it accessible to new generations of performers, as regards the reconstruction of the life and work of a major figure in music in the ancient lands of Valencia, Aragon and Catalonia.




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